Ancient Echoes

Council Meeting Autumn 1220

Dione calls the Council to order and asks what happened. Phedra reports on what happened (see Other Actions of 1220).

Melanthius asked about the shapechanging of the creature. Phedra explained that Euphemia had always seen it as that form but in the fight it had discarded its disguise. He then asked if any of us were born on a Saturday. He asked if any vis had been recovered. Phedra stated that she had been concerned that it may have been demonically tainted and therefore ordered the body burned.

Melanthius stated that he knew what it might be. He asked if anyone knew of the Vrykolakas. Phedra recalled that her mother used to try to scare her with them – uncorrupted corpses driven into unnatural life by demons, hungering for life. There is a brief debate about where the spirit originally attached to the body is – still in the body or in Hell with the soul.

Phedra reported that Eucalion is still on that side of the island and they were unable to track him. Melanthius stated that the demons prefer human prey and that he hopes the Aegis will be sufficient. Phedra reported that it will not be as the demons are of the fourth magnitude. Melanthius stated that this is unfortunate.

Phedra suggests that allowing the situation to escalate would be unwise. Dione suggests that some demon-slaying spells would be helpful. Neysa asked if the demons would be immune to fire. Melanthius is unsure, but stated that they can assume a spiritual form which would be immune. He is not sure about when they are in physical form.

Phedra states that she does not think that waiting to research spells is a good idea – there are people on that side of the island and the demons will only grow more powerful with each victim they prey on. Dione reluctantly agrees. Dione asks about why Melanthius asked about being born on the Saturday and he responds that the demons are unable to harm anyone born on a Saturday.

Neysa asks if the Church will do anything about the problem. Dione reports that Father Grigori is in the covenant and she is sure that the town has a priest. Probably. This is abandoned as an option. Melanthius reports that the covenant has little to do with the town as it is full of Venetians. He thinks that they think the covenant is a small fishing village as they haven’t even bothered to tax the covenant.

There is a discussion of means of disposal. Melanthius suggests powerful penetrating spells. Neysa states that she can manage this if they are not immune to fire. Phedra provides the arcane connection taken from the battle.

There is a discussion about what was on the other side of the gap. It is determined that there were probably 5 of them (one for each grave) and their grave dirt may be a weak arcane connection. An expedition is planned to recover it. It is generally agreed that someone raised the demons.

Dione asks if any of the magi have particularly useful spells in order to apportion vis from the stores. Neysa reports that she does. Euphemia states that she does not. Dione points out that her God-given gift allows her to see the demons when others do not. Phedra reports that her most damaging spell is the Crystal Dart. Dione suggests that she take Terram vis – it can be returned if not used. Phedra also requests Vim vis as she feels she may be able to spontaneously cast Perdo Vim effects.

Vis is distributed and the Council concludes


Joedylan2000 Phedra

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