Ancient Echoes

The Story So Far

The year is 1220 and the final bastion of Roman civilisation has fallen into chaos. It is 16 years since the forces of the Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople and instituted the reign of the Latin Emperors and the Crusader Lords rest uneasy in the domains they have carved from the Empire’s carcass. The Latin Empress Yolanda is dead and her successor hurries from the West. On the mainland the Byzantine successor state of Epiros hungers for the downfall of the Franks and their Venetian allies. In Nicaea the Greek Emperor in exile girds himself for war; everywhere there is rumour of devilry, as peasant and noble alike suspect that the desecration of the holy shrines of Constantinople has allowed Satan to pour his venom into the last lands of Rome.

Amidst this tumult stands the Theban tribunal of the Order of Hermes, magi great in power but still subject to the fears and ambitions of other men. Sworn to avoid meddling in the affairs of mundane lords, they stand apart from the chaos but are not immune to it. Many of its covenants have perished in the crusade or its aftermath, their lore lost or cast to the winds. There are those among its Leagues who see opportunity in uncertainty and those who see only destruction. This chronicle is an account of the Magi of the House of Wolves, newest of the Tribunal’s covenants.


Joedylan2000 Phedra

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