Ancient Echoes

August 5th, 2011

The session begins with the first session of the Magi’s Council. The order of business is as follows:

1. Allocation of vis
The magi are asked if they have any particular projects which would require vis to be allocated from the covenant. Melanthius of Jerbiton proposes that 15 pawns of Vim vis be released for any magus wishing to attune a talisman. This motion passes unanimously. However, Dione of Bjornaer proposes that any claiming this allotment should repay 5 pawns of vis of any type within 2 years. This motion also passes unanimously.

2. The magical cat
Dione of Bjornaer proposes giving the cat a probationary period. It is generally agreed that, although unlikely to prove useful, the wolves are currently watching it and the period should be indefinite. It should have the opportunity to earn priviledges.

3. Any other business
The Aegis of the Hearth is mentioned by Melanthius. He stated that he would examine the previous copy for any flaws. Neysa of Ex Miscelleanea mentioned that it might be worth checking to see if any other entities came in while the Aegis was down. Melanthius stated that he would ask the grogs to keep an eye out. Neysa suggested that it could be the work of an enemy magus. Dione stated that no magi have been spotted and it was not a large Aegis to start with so she does not feel that foul play is involved. They will look into it and any further information will be shared at the next meeting

There being no further business, the meeting concludes at this point.

Vis is distributed as below. In addition, Galenos of House Flambeau is allocated 15 pawns of Vim vis for the attunement of his talisman.

The following are available to claim from:
6 creo, 8 vim, 5 aquam, 7 terram, 4 ignem, 3 perdo

Neysa of Ex Miscellanea: 3 creo, 2 ignem
Phedra of Bjornaer: 2 creo, 1 perdo, 2 terram
Dione of Bjornaer: 3 aquam, 2 vim
Galenos of Flambeau: 2 perdo, 1 terram, 1 aquam, 1 ignem
Euphemia of Ex Miscellanea: 1 creo, 1 aquam, 1 terram, 1 vim, 1 ignem
Melanthius of Jerbiton: 3 terram, 2 vim

Leaving 3 vim to be placed in the covenant stores.

The magi disperse to their various pursuits.


Joedylan2000 Phedra

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