House of Wolves

The House of Wolves is a Covenant of the Theban tribunal founded in the Summer of 1205 by Melanthius of Jerbiton and Dione of Bjornaer.


Both founders of the covenant where survivors of the destruction of there homes during the Crusade. Melanthius had small band of scribes, a large sack of coin and a veritable library of rescued books stuffed into wagons. Dione had brought a rather larger band of Grog refugees, the villagers of her home, who where cursed by the blood of King Lycos to turn into wolves on there 16th birthday. Most turned back on the anniversary of there change, some never did and some came back as skinchangers and lycanthropes

They met on the slopes of Parnassus on the approach to Delphi, both having resolved to seek a prophecy from the Oracle. They have never shared the contents of prophecy if indeed there received one. But they set out together to found a new covenant upon the bleak cliffs of Thera


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House of Wolves

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