The Library

Books on Arts

Introduction to the Forms
5 volume set Cre, Rego, Perdo, Muto, Intellego Level 6 Quality 21

The Art of Animal by Dione of Bjornaer Animal level 16 Quality 15

Of the essential nature of the Earth: Terram 15 Quality 17

Of River, Sea Pool and rain : Aquam 16 Quality 15

The Power of Magic Vim 14 Quality 13

Books on Abilities

Laws of Justinian Civil and Cannon Law Level 5 Quality 20 (Greek civil law)
Acts of the Apostle Thomas : Dominion lore 4 quality 20
Anatomy by Galen Medicine 3 Quality 15 (anatomy)
Aristotle’s ‘logica Vestus’ Artes Liberales 4 quality 20 (logic)
A Prima on Latin Level 3 Quality 20


Epitome with gloss of ’On the Deeds of the Founders Flambeue: Penetration quality 10 (ignem)

The City and its Environs : Area law City of Constantinople Quality 8

Epitome of Pliny’s Encyclopedia Philsophia Quality 9 (natural philosophy)

Extracts of Jerbiton’s ‘On Images’ Imagonem Quality 11

The Graceful Art Finesse Quality 9

Bundle of folios covering the Acts of the last five Grand Tribunal : Code of Hermes 10 (acts of the grand tribunal)

An account of the Doings of the Theban Tribunal 1206 Order of Hermes lore 8 (theban tribunal)

Short extracts with gloss of ’ The Will Abides’ by Tremere Concentration 11 Mentem 11

Books not in Greek

A series of well preserves scrolls Greek alphabet, possibly transliterated Latin,

A 3 volume set in Latin, a collection of letters

A single large volume in Latin adorned with the symbols of the arts.

Spell texts

Concise Grimoire of Dione of Bjornaer

Sooth the pain of the beast CreAN 20
Weavers trap of webs Cre AN 30
Open Tome of Animal Mind INAN 25
Hunters Sense InAN 30
Beast of minuscule proportion MuAn 20
Ward against the Beast of legend ReAn 20

Elemental Transformations
a collection of spell texts from diffrent sources

Incantation of Putrid Wine MuAq 15
Lungs of the Fish MuAq(au) 20
Rain of Stone MuAu(te) 20
Talons of the Wind Mu(re)Au 20
Trapping the Fire MuIg 25
Flames of Sculpted Ice MuIg(aq) 35
The crystal dart MuTe 10
Object of Increased Size MuTe 15

The Reversal of Elements

Mirror of Opposition MuVi 25
There is a version of the spell for each elemental form

Aegis of the hearth ReVi 10

Magics of Wrath
A book bound in iron and locked, it is clear the contents are from different sources though copied in a single hand

Ball of Abyssal flame CrIg 35
The Earth Splits asunder ReTe 35
Black Whisper PeMe 40
Curse of Circe MuCo(an) 30
Wrath of Whirling Winds and water CreAu 65
Curse of the Ravenouse Swarm CrAn 45

Elementary Spells

Footstep of Slippery oil crAq 5
Clear site of the Naiad Inaq 5
Subtle taste of poison and purity inaqu 5
Comfort of the drenched traveler pe aq 5
Airs ghostly form cre Au 5
Chamber of the spring breezes cre au 5
Eyes of the Cat Mucor 5
Touch of goose feathers peco 5
conjure the sturdy vine crhe 5
Pass the unyielding portal muhe 5
Palm of flame creig 5
Taste of the herbs and spices crim5
Recollection of the memoris never quite lived mume 4
Scales of the magical weight InVi 5

The Library

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